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COREBlog2::content::coreblog2::COREBlog2 Class Reference

Inherits Products::ATContentTypes::content::folder::ATBTreeFolder.

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Detailed Description

This is a COREBlog2 class,
base folder for COREBlog2

Definition at line 326 of file coreblog2.py.

Public Member Functions

def blog_object
def blog_url
def canSetDefaultPage
def getCategoryById
def getCategoryFolder
def getCategoryMap
def getCommentFolder
def getEntryFieldOrder
def getEntryForCalendar
def getEntryInCategory
def getEntryInDate
def getNearestEntry
def getRecentComment
def getRecentEntry
def getRecentItem
def getRecentTrackback
def initializeArchetype
def sendPing
def setLong_description
def synContentValues

Static Public Attributes

tuple actions
tuple aliases
list allowed_content_types
string archetype_name = "COREBlog2"
string content_icon = 'coreblog2folder_icon.gif'
string default_view = 'coreblog_view'
 global_allow = True
string immediate_view = 'coreblog_view'
 meta_type = coreblog2_meta_type
 schema = COREBlog2Schema
tuple security = ClassSecurityInfo()
tuple suppl_views = ()
string typeDescMsgId = 'coreblog2folder_description'
string typeDescription = 'A root folder for COREBlog2, contains blog content, such as entry,comment,category etc.'

Static Private Attributes

tuple __implements__ = (ATCTBTreeFolder.__implements__, IATBTreeFolder)
 _at_rename_after_creation = True

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